Frequently Asked Questions

So, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately and thought I’d make a FAQ page.  Then the page was too long, so I’ve separated it into sections:

  • Writing and Publishing
  • The Dark Protectors
  • The Sin Brothers
  • Maverick Montana Series
  • Personal and/or Questions I don’t like


  1. How did you get your agent?

I researched the internet for quite a while trying to determine my ideal agent—then I hopped on websites to find the best approaches.  Caitlin was my top choice.  So I emailed her a query letter (I’ve posted it for writers).  She emailed back, asking for a partial of the first fifty pages.  I sent that, then she emailed a few hours later asking for the full.  Then we talked on the phone about three times over the next couple of days, I asked her questions and she asked me questions about my plans.  She offered representation and I accepted.

2.  How long did it take from the time you received an offer for your first book from the publisher until you saw your book in print?

Kensington made the offer on December 16, 2009…and my book hit the shelves on February 22, 2011.  There wasn’t much editing to do…it just takes that long. 

3.  How much input do you have in the name of the books, the cover art, the release dates, the back cover copy, the pricing of the books and formats?

I have input, but I don’t have to stop writing to make decisions.  This just me, I’m glad to have a team working on each book.  My editors are amazing and see things I don’t when writing.  The graphic art/marketing departments at my publishers do incredible work.  The advertising/marketing departments write the back cover copy…then pay for ads.  I write.  We all do our jobs…and I get to concentrate on writing.  Having said that, there have been back cover blurbs and even covers I didn’t love…so I asked to have them changed.  They were changed.  🙂

4.  How are advances paid?

I think this varies according to publisher and probably according to individual contracts.  For me, it went like this:

XXX amount per book

  • ½ for each book paid when I signed contract
  • ½ remaining for book one when accepted by publisher
  • ½ remaining for book two when accepted
  • ½ remaining for book three when accepted


One million dollars per book (Bwahahahahaha) (total – 3 million dollars)

  • So, when I signed the contract, I would’ve received ½ of each = 1.5 million.)
  • Book 1 accepted = get other $500,000
  • Book 2 accepted = get other $500,000
  • Book 3 accepted= get final $500,000

AGAIN, so there’s no mistake or funny rumors, this WAS NOT my advance.  It was more.  HAHA

5.  What do you think of self-publishing?

There are so many paths to publication now, and I think it’s fantastic for authors to have choices.  The more choices we have, the easier it is to relax and write.  I’m with three publishers right now, and I’m as happy as can be with my current path.  The support I receive from editorial to marketing to distribution to just having a team…is awesome.

6.  What is your favorite part of writing a book?

The beginning.  Without question…right when the characters meet and anything can happen.

7.  When you’re worldbuilding, how do you get all the backstory into the reader’s brain without info dumping for the first chapter?

You scatter it throughout the dialogue and the action.  Layering is the key here…and I have written two articles on layering:  Layering is like Lasagna and More on Layering.

8.  What was your call story like?

It was awesome.  I wrote a blog entry about the call story.

9.  I’m a new writer and am wondering how to get started.

Sit down and write something.  That’s the most important thing.  Then, join a writer’s group (I like Romance Writer’s of America), take some classes and maybe find a critique group or partner.  Good luck!

10.  What do you think of writer’s conferences?

I love ’em.  I’m not the most social of people, yet in a group of writers I feel pretty comfortable.  And I LOVE workshops.  The cocktail parties are fun and I enjoy seeing my online friends in person.  Did I mention I LOVE the workshops?  I’ve been late to more than one cocktail party because I just had to squeeze in one more workshop. 


1.  Will all of the Kayrs brothers get their own stories?

Yep.  All of the books are available now in print and ebook–except for the three novellas (TEMPTED, TWISTED, and TAMED).  Those are available in ebook now and will be combined into a print anthology early next year.  MARKED (Janie’s story) is slated for a December 22, 2014 release.  Several of the books have hit bestselling lists.

2.  Will the series end after Janie’s story?

Well, that series arc will end.  But there are many dark protectors who could still get a story, so we’ll see if readers want more.  In fact…we have a spinoff series planned with the witch enforcers, starting with Kellach Dunne.

3.  Why did you decide to write a vampire story?

I didn’t really decide to write a vampire story.  I wanted to write Talen and Cara’s story…and he kept turning into a vampire.  The whole series just unfolded from there.

4.  What is the fascination with science in the series?

I like the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of stuff.  So if Dage can teleport (which he can), I wanted to know how.  Turns out String Theory is all about dimensions…so why the heck not?

5.  Why did you write a series?

I wrote a series because I like to read series’.  I like staying in touch with the characters if it’s a good book.  Of course, in writing a series, you end up in a month where you need to promote book 1, return copy edits for book 2 and finish writing book 3 to meet your deadline. 

The Sin Brothers

1. Will all of the brothers get stories?


2.  Wait a minute.  What about Jory?  I mean, he has to be alive, right?

Hmmmm.  That’s a great question.

3.  Fine.  I noticed the books are available in ebook first.  Will they be in print?”

Yes.  The print books will come out about six months after the ebook, which will be offered at a discounted price during those six months.  Once the print book is out, the ebook price will go back up.

4.  Any chance this series will continue past the Gray brothers?

Sure.  In the odd way they were created and then raised, there are a whole bunch of possibilities for future stories.  🙂

5.  What’s your favorite part about the series?

I think it would have to be the interaction between the brothers.  They’re so wounded, and they somehow learned to develop a family among themselves in spite of the people raising them.

The Maverick Montana Series

1.  Will all the Freeze-Lodge siblings get stories?

Of course!  Jake and Quinn’s books are out, and Colton’s book is called RISING ASSETS, and it hit both the NY Times and the USA Today Bestselling Lists.

2.  Will there be any story past the Lodge-Freeze siblings?

I hope so.  There are a couple of new characters being introduced in Colton’s book, and I’d love for them to have their stories told at some point. 

3.  The epilogue in Book 1 seems to take place even after Book 2.  Right?

Yep.  The epilogue was in book 1 to show the wonderful future, and it turns out that book 2 needed to happen before that.  🙂

4.  Will the Maverick Montana books be in print?

I don’t know.  I wish I could say more, but that’s up to my publisher, so…I don’t know.  I hope so.  UPDATE:  I’ve been told they’ll be in print soon and are being formatted now.

5.  I don’t have an ereader, and I’d really like to read your books.

Well…all the online bookstores have free programs you can download for your computers to read ebooks.  I have Kindle For PC (Which is free), and then I can read all of my kindle books on my computer.  I also have a Nook and an Ipad, and those programs work as well.

Personal / Questions I don’t like

(You came right here, didn’t you.)

1.  Will you read my book and edit it?

No.  As much as I’d like to read your book and edit it, I’m really busy writing my own books.  And I have a critique partner, an online critique group and a book club.  And a life that is busy even without the writing.  I recommend you join RWA (Romance Writers of America) and then join an online chapter with a critique group.  They’re awesome.

Please don’t email me your book.  I won’t read it for legal reasons.  (Which is baloney.  There are no legal reasons I can’t read your book.  There just isn’t enough time.)

2.  Why won’t you share the secret of getting published?

If I knew a secret, I’d tell you.  The secret is that there is no secret.  Write a really good book.  Then write an intriguing query letter.  Then hope that it lands on the right desk at the right time with someone looking for a good book. 

3.  Do you try out everything in your books? 

Of course.   🙂

4.  Will you put in a good word for me with your agent?

No.  That makes me uncomfortable and might make her uncomfortable.  Send her a query letter like I did.  She reads them all.

5.  I have a great idea for a book–do you want to co-author it with me?

Thanks, but why don’t you write your book and I’ll write mine?  I admire people who write together, but don’t think I have that talent.  I don’t know quite where the book is going until we get there…