Kelly from Books-n-Kisses Interviews Zane from MARKED!

zanetti_marked_ebookHi all!  Kelly posted an interview on her blog with Zane Kyllwood from MARKED, and she said we could post it here, too. She did her best to get some info from that man! 

Books-n-Kisses is super excited to have Zane from Rebecca Zanetti Marked on the blog today. Marked is the last book in Ms. Zanetti Dark Protector’s series.   While I am so very sad to see this series come to an end, I am excited to finally learn more about Zane.   There have been so many questions about what and who Zane is.  And how he will help or hinder the Janie Kayrs.   So let’s see if we can get some information from Zane so we can figure out what he is.

Kelly: Hi Zane, Welcome to Books-n-Kisses

Zane: Ah, Hi, Kelly. I’m new to the interview scene, so go easy on me, will you? 🙂

Kelly: Thank you for taking time away from your busy……. schedule to sit down with me to take to talk about…. well you.

 Zane: Sure. Not much is going on right now besides war, world catastrophe, and my unsettled love life.

 Kelly: Okay I have to ask because everyone wants to know. What are you?

 Zane: Just a regular guy, I think. I mean, I’m a soldier and part vampire, but really, I’m just a normal soldier with maybe a couple of secrets thrown in. I like beer, football, inventing new weapons. You know. Normal guy stuff.

Kelly: Okay, so that didn’t work. How about a game of 20 questions?

Zane: I do love a good game. Usually when I win, I take over a continent, though.

Kelly: Sounds good.

Zane: All right – shoot them my way.

Kelly: Questions #1: What is your favorite color?

Zane: Blue – the exact color of Janie’s eyes.

Kelly: Questions #2: Do you have any magical powers?

Zane: Yes.

Kelly: Questions #3: Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

Zane: Janie Belle Kayrs would have to be number one. But I also like my brothers, usually. Their names are Sam and Logan.

Kelly: Questions #4: What are you?

Zane: Just a regular guy.

Kelly: Questions #5: Who is your least favorite person in the world?

Zane: I’d have to say Kalin, who’s a Kurjan, is probably my least favorite person. It’s hard to completely hate him, though. We’ve known each other since we were kids, and even when you don’t like somebody, there’s a type of bond you get with people you’ve known forever, you know? I hope I don’t have to kill him, but to save Janie, I may have to. I’m prepared.

Kelly: Questions #6: How tall are you?

Zane: Last time I checked, I was about 6’6.

Kelly: Questions #7: Do you drink blood?

Zane: I’m part vampire, so I do drink blood during battle or maybe during sex. We don’t need blood to survive and can make our own. I plan on biting Janie, just so you know.

Kelly: Questions #8: Do you dream walk with anyone except Janie?

Zane: No. Well, Kalin shows up sometimes, but Janie’s the draw for us both. Kalin and I have never met in the dream world without Janie.

Kelly: Questions #9: What are you?

Zane: A realist. I enjoy the romances throughout the Realm, but really? I don’t see myself having a happy ending. Of course, I hope I’m wrong about that.

Kelly: Questions #10: Tell me your favorite thing about Janie?

Zane: She’s smart as hell and a complete smartass. The smartass part is just a cover-up to keep everyone around her calm. She really has a huge heart, and she’s incredibly fragile but has no clue how true that is. Fate and destiny weigh heavily on her, and I have a feeling she’s about to meet both. She’ll win, though. She has to.

Kelly: Questions #11: Football or Basketball?

Zane: Football. I have two brothers, and we like to hit things.

Kelly: Questions #12: What do you do for a living?

Zane: I’m a soldier and a pretty damn good assassin. That weighs on me, to be honest.

Kelly: Questions #13: How much can you deadlift?

Zane: Two vampires and a Kurjan.

Kelly: Questions #14: What are you?

Zane: A guy about to make a move to get the woman I’ve loved for years. That makes me more dangerous than I’ve ever been, but I’m okay with that now.

Kelly: Questions #15: If you could go anywhere in the world for one night where would you go?

Zane: Well, okay. Don’t tell anybody, but I do have a retreat in the wilds of Alaska where I just get away from everybody and everything once in a while. I love that place.

Kelly: Questions #16: Whom would you take with you on the one night?

Zane: Janie Belle Kayrs, but she’d probably be mad if I kidnapped her. Not that I kidnap her or anything. Really. Trust me.  🙂

Kelly: Questions #17: Whom do you work for?

Zane: If I told you who I worked for, I’d have to make sure you couldn’t tell anybody else, and I don’t know of any nice way to do that. So let’s just say I do have a job, and it’s bloody.

Kelly: Questions #18: Naughty or Nice?

Zane: Naughty. Life is too short for Nice.

Kelly: Questions #19: What are you?

Zane: Who are any of us? I guess it’d depend who you asked as to who I am. I’ve got friends, I’ve got enemies, and I’ve got Janie Belle Kayrs. Whether she considers herself friend or enemy, I don’t know yet. But I do know that she’s mine, so we’ll have to figure it all out, won’t we?

Kelly: Questions #20: Okay fine. Final question Boxers or Briefs?

Zane: Who has time for either?

Kelly: Okay seriously Zane, Off the record.  What are you?

Zane:  Okay, seriously. Off the record. Read MARKED. At the end of Chapter 1, both you and Janie will know exactly what I am. Let’s hope you’re not as pissed as Janie is. I do have a plan, you know.

 For my first interview, this is been a lot of fun. There are some tense moments in MARKED, and I’ve posted one.  It’s when I first meet Talen, who’s Janie’s dad.  Things, ah, didn’t go well.

 The damn earth ground to a stop. A weapon hit the pavement a yard away. Dage Kayrs’s eyes widened, and Moira Kayrs gasped.

Zane sighed and focused just as a locomotive the size of Talen Kayrs tackled him midsection, throwing him ten yards and landing hard on his chest. Zane’s head crashed onto the asphalt. Stars exploded behind his eyeballs, and unbearable pain cut into his brain. He tried to concentrate, to say something, when a fist plowed into his face.

Unconsciousness was a fucking blessing.


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FaceBook Party and Prizes later today…

Hi all!  Just a quick note that I’m taking over the Twin Sisters Rockin’ Book Review site later today from 4-7 PST (7-10 EST).  We’ll be answering questions all about the Dark Protectors, the Montana Cowboys, and those hot Dean Brothers…as well as giving away some fun prizes.  If you get the chance, definitely drop by.  🙂


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Wild Turkeys and More Random Thoughts

First, take a good look at the website, because it’s about to be updated and upgraded within the next couple of weeks. YAY!

Second, I feel like I should blog more, but I’m a writer usually caught in imaginary worlds that I’m not ready to share. Plus, the kids are incredibly busy with sports, Big Tone is busy, my extended family is busy…and I’ve got friends.  And I’m not one of those authors/bloggers who shares everything on the internet.  Especially stuff about real people.  I know many authors share a lot (all about people they know, people who aren’t nice to them, the slights they’ve received), but I kind of think those people are buttheads.  Yeah, I said it.  Talking about somebody else (in real life) just because one has a blog and avenue to reach people seems dickish to me.

Wild turkeysBy the way, nobody has talked badly about me on the net lately, and this isn’t personal. Just a general observation.  I read a blog lately from an author dissing on people she met in a new social group.  I mean, knock that off.  Those people are real, probably don’t have blogs to counter, and should be left alone.

(NOTE HERE that I’m fine talking about Big Tone, my sisters, and some close friends. They know the risk of me.  Plus, I’d never say anything bad about them publicly.  Not even Debbie, my youngest sister, who used to have garage sales every once in a while to sell the stuff she’d borrowed from us.  I wouldn’t say this publicly.  Plus, it was a long time ago.  LOL!)

I also do talk in generalizations once in a while. My kid’s football team plays another team every year where a couple of the moms ring cowbells through the whole damn game.  It takes a special woman to ring a cowbell, and I’ve been known to talk about it generally. 

But you know who I do like? Chuck Wendig.  That guy is freakin hilarious and I wish I could live in his brain for a little while.  Not a long while.  But maybe for an afternoon.  He also gives great advice to other writers.  I also like Jennie Crusie, who shares her interesting life and her writing style with us.  Although, as a fan, I wish she’d release another new book soon.

turkeysAnyway, the thing on my mind right now is odd. We’ve moved to the top of a mountain (it’s not a big mountain or anything), and I’ve been taking a walk every day trying to get back into shape.  On a mountain, if you walk down, you have to walk up…so it’s been pretty handy.  We have a lot of wildlife up here, and there have been a bunch of wild turkeys that are now huge.  I mean, really big.

The other day as I walked, I heard a strange noise from them. There were about thirty of them, and they were trilling and encircling this cat.  I mean, they had this cat totally surrounded.  Are turkeys aggressive?  Do they eat cats?  I’m not sure, but they were definitely messing with this cat, and it was incredibly odd.

Yes, I was going to rescue the cat. But a biker sped by at about a 100 miles an hour, going downhill, and the turkeys scattered.  The cat escaped.  So all you cat lovers, no worries here!  The cat was fine.  (I have a cat named Buddy, so I, too, like cats).

But I’ve been pondering the situation since. What the heck is up with the turkeys?

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